How is he?

He misses her…


"I’ve got this completely under control."

"Is that why everything’s on fire?"

For the lovely Cloe


Graphic Meme: Thor/Sif + not so Pale colouring requested by anonymous

There was a time where you would celebrate for weeks.

“I really tried to bring Sif a little bit more vulnerability in this film. She has a very big soft spot for Thor. She’s very much in love with him and cares very much about his well-being, as well as her fellow Asgardians’ well-being. So knowing that he’s kind of in charge of that, she really appeals to his softer side and says, “Let me talk to you about this. I care about you, and I see that you’re very distracted and I want to help you focus again because we have a lot to do.” I’ve got to tell you she’d be an awesome girlfriend! I think they should probably take it there eventually. Sif kicks a lot of butt in this movie, but she also opens her heart a lot.”

Jamie Alexander interview to (via sigyn-reborn)


"We’ve shot scenes that do explore (Sif and Thor’s relationship) more, but they don’t make it into the film because of certain storylines and crossover aspects, and also for timing." - x


Can you make it feel like home

if I tell you you’re mine? (x)